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The Marschak Interaction Method Assessment (MIM)

What is a Marschak Interaction Method Assessment?

The Marschak Interaction Method Assessment® (MIM) (Marschak, 1960) is a structured observation technique where the trained assessor observes from behind a one-way mirror while the participants interact with each other. The caretaker(s) are given a set of cards with instructions for simple activities to do together with their child and is designed to measure the quality and nature of the relationship between the child and his/her caretaker(s). MIM is used to identify areas of strength and of difficulty in the relationship and assists in making recommendations for treatment. The assessment is based on positive observations and is designed to positively help caregivers support their child who has experienced attachment losses. There are four areas which are considered when assessing the caretaker/child interaction: structure, engagement, nurture and challenge.